Thursday, November 05, 2009

Discovery Days

Heage Windmill (see my post of 28th October) was only one of the venues we visited during the week of Discovery Days organised for the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. We also went to Cromford which is always a pleasure. The events were centred around Cromford Wharf, the main event being a horse drawn narrow boat which was to travel between the Wharf and Leabrook Mill. As there is only a towpath on one side of the Cromford Canal until you reach the swing bridge at High Peak Junction we decided to walk to this area, cross the bridge and wait for the boat to arrive.

It was a lovely sunny morning. There were reflections of trees in the water all the way along. We watched the blacksmith in his forge whilst waiting for the horse drawn narrowboat to arrive.
As soon as the men came to open the little swing bridge we knew they were on the way.

The horse appeared first then the narrowboat appeared as they made their way towards the bridge.

They passed through High Peak Junction and made their way further down the canal to the turning basin near Leabrook Mill.

The Mill was in steam for the occasion and we went inside to take a look.

I love watching these old engines working; they have a grace and beauty all of their own.

Meanwhile, William the Shire horse was taking a well earned rest before his next job of taking people around the area on the dray.


  1. What fun and educational! I love the reflections in your first pic, Rosie!

  2. Another place to visit, on my list.

    The treacle toffee brought back memories of happy days in the kitchen with my mum. She used to make this for bonfire night, I loved doing the testing by dropping a spoonful of hot mixture into a saucer of cold water, and eating it of course!

  3. Oh stop it!! Now I'll have to go to Cromford again soon!! Infact the patchwork fabric shop in the old mill has been calling me too, so no hardship then!! My mum used to make this toffee - Do you think my gnashers would stand it these days? I chomped into a Fox's Glacier mint in a meeting at work the other day that cost me dearly when my back tooth crumbled around it!! Guess what - Ive only just discovered your family tree blog! Ive been thinking about doing my family tree so I'll let you know how I get on. Yours looks so interesting.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love old boats,canals......

  5. What a brilliant day out this must have been, I go to Cromford occasionally but have never been while anything of this kind is on. I'd have loved to see William pulling the narrow boat. Must keep a closer eye on what is happening in that area.

  6. Another delightful journey, Rosie. Your photos are wonderful to view.