Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Walk in the Bollin Valley

One of the most difficult things we have had to do during our de-cluttering session a couple of weeks ago was to part with some of our books but we have had to be firm with ourselves and let some of them go. After all we still have four bookshelves full. I read in the local newspaper that the Englesea Brook Museum were wanting books for a huge fund-raising second hand book sale this coming weekend so we packed them in boxes, put them in the back of the car and off we went to deliver them.

Then it was on towards Lakeland at Wilmslow. This is always a treat as I love looking at all their wonderful kitchen wares and gadgets. We wanted jam labels and liners for cake and bread tins and they had those in abundance. I also noticed that already they had got displays for Halloween products and dare I say it - they were stocking up the shelves with things that looked a bit Christmasy, too!

We had packed a picnic lunch so after our visit to Lakeland we set off towards Styal Country Park and the Bollin Valley. After we'd eaten lunch we walked along by the River Bollin.

I thought this root formation was interesting.

The paths were quite busy with dog walkers and joggers. Families were enjoying picnics and children and dogs were splashing about in the shallow water of the river.

As we walked across the parkland which leads towards the outskirts of Wilmslow we saw these people doing Tai Chi - when we passed them on the way back they were doing another exercise similar to Tai Chi but with sticks or staves. It all looked very graceful.

We walked right up to the St Bartholomew's church on the outskirts of Wilmslow before turning back to retrace our footsteps to the river and then over the bridge and back to the car park on the opposite side.


  1. It is hard to part with books but now someone else can be blessed by them. I love Lakeland - can spend a day there just browsing. Lovely pics. I enjoyed the walk. x

  2. We too love books and some you just know you are not going to read ever again so the charity shop is the best place for them. It's years and years since I went round Wilmslow and gosh I had forgotten about Lakeland!

  3. Rosie, your such a lovely story teller... I could read your writings for hours :)
    And your beautiful photos add a delightful image in my mind as well.

    I understand how hard it is for you to part with books, I'm the same way.
    But then I realized I just made room for more...
    color me happy :)

  4. Getting rid of books is difficult. I have only recently been able to part company with those I KNOW I won't read again but I do hang on to a lot too. Yours have gone to a good cause. I have just had plum crumble for my tea (inspired to make it after looking at your blog!). Congrats on your pearl wedding anniversary.

  5. Yes,isn't it hard to part from husband and i made eachother a promise...not to buy books for a while...but we can't keep our promise..I think when we are old some people have to come into our house and plan a surch party..because we will have buried ourselfs in books:)

  6. Well done in finding a good home for your books.
    There's a Lakeland shop in Shrewsbury near where I live. I love having a look around and I nearly always find something I need that I hadn't realised I needed!

  7. You have been on my doorstep Rosie and yet I am ashamed to say that I have never visited Englesea Brook Museum which is just down the road.

    It is so difficult to part with books, every so often we have a clear out only to replenish the overladen shelves with yet more book.

    The Bollin Valley walk looks interesting, is that near Style woods I wonder?

  8. We are total book fans and recently had a bit of a clear out sending them to the RSPCA - but I instantly regretted it!!
    We often go out to Quarry Bank Mill - I didnt realise there was an enormous Lakeland out that way - fatal!!!

  9. Cal - it is very hard to part with books but some of them I hadn't looked at in ages - I just hope they sell to someone who will enjoy them.

    Lyn, the Lakeland is just out of Wilmslow at Handforth Dean.

    Pam - well, yes, now you mention it there is a little room for a few more:)

    OhSo Vintage - hope you enjoyed your plum crumble - thanks for your kind wishes for the Pearl Anniversary - it happened earlier this year:)

    Dutchess -Lol - your neighbours and friends will be worried they haven't seen you for a while and come looking under the books:)

    Susie - Shrewsbury is one of my favourite places and we have visited the Lakeland there - I usually meet with a friend there each year and we travel up by train to near Llandrindod Wells together to meet up with another friend:)

    Valerie - I think there is another walk from the bridge near the car park which takes you up to the Quarry Bank Mill - it is all part of the estate - not sure about Styal woods though. We didn't get to Englesea brook as we had to drop the books off at another chapel at Mow Cop where the sale is taking place. I hope to visit the museum one day:)

    Diane - Quarry Bank Mill is great isn't it? The Lakeland Store is the other side of Wilmslow at Handford Dean - it did have a super cafe on the first floor but when we went on Saturday it was closed for refurbishment:)

  10. As you know, I love roots - very interesting!!
    Have the same problem with books, having a hard time to part with them:(
    Sorry, Rosie, but your comment disappeared in the process of approving them -now I'm curious what it was that you said? hope you'll be so kind to write the comment again? Thanks so much!

  11. As always, lovely scenery.

    I can sympathize with your feelings on parting with books... which is why I'm overrun with them but can't bear the thought of letting them go!