Thursday, August 06, 2009

On Mam Tor

Yesterday we walked to the top of Mam Tor. Today I ache all over but it was worth it - the views were spectacular.

Since I last walked up here - now here's an admission - over forty years ago, a crazy paving path has appeared. This makes the ascent a lot easier although I would think if the paving was wet it could be very slippy. I wouldn't have worried about that forty years ago!

Up and up we climbed, I could feel my legs working overtime but it felt good to be getting some exercise.

Mam Tor is the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort and you can see the defence ditch just beyond the information board.

To the left as we walked was Rushup Edge where hang gliders and model aeroplane enthusiasts were catching the breeze. I feel there is a slight irony in the name of this Edge as there is no way you are going to rush up there!

Onwards and upwards, nearly at the top, we've left the sun behind and the air up here is damp but not cold.

Yay we made it to the top - quite an achievement!

The views from the top are bright and clear but the mist is slowly coming down in the distance.

These sheep are far more used to all this hill walking than we are and can't see what all the fuss is about - they don't seem to mind sharing with all their visitors though.

We spent ages gazing at the surrounding countryside before returning down the same path to the car park.


  1. My what a glorious sight! I know how you feel. When we went "home" in July to Colorado and went to Rocky Mountain National Park, the thin air was noticeable. But then as you said, it had been a number of years since I had been there or lived there. Thank you for sharing your journey! Cathy

  2. You treat yourself very well!!! Thank you for offering us everytime such beautiful trips!

  3. Hi Rosie, That looks like a long and tiring hike to the top and you did a wonderful job of reaching the summit.
    I see you found a really cute guy waiting for you when you got there:) The photos you took show the marvelous views you enjoyed along the way and I thank you for taking me along on you wonderful journey.
    I'm not tired at all, I feel quite refreshed :D

  4. Oh Rosie, what a view! It looks like the Shire! I can just imagine your cheeks aglow just like your name!!

  5. What beautiful views. The Peak District is a place I'd like to visit sometime. You must be very fit to walk up there. I'm going to the summit of Snowden in a couple of weeks but I'm cheating and getting the train up there!!

  6. Goodness Rosie..that view is amazing!
    I think Nich would have loved that,he's into Iron Age Hill Forts!
    (amongst other things!)
    Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  7. This was simply great...beautiful view..and you are in good shape..after 40 years;)Thank you for climbing upthere and share this with us.
    Going down can be tricky too...slippery when wet,yes..and then its Rushdown over the edge..:0Happy weekend.

  8. Wow what great photosgraphs from the top, worth all the effort going up!

  9. Looks a fantastic place to walk. Well done for getting to the top it looked well worth it. xx

  10. O so sorry to hear you lost the you have a good excuse to stay in the library...I always wanted to live in a library;)Hope the problem with the net will be sorted out soon...
    happy weekend

  11. Hurry back Rosie, you will be missed. Love this trail, very beautiful countryside.

  12. Well, I think you must be very fit after all that walking. It looks like you have had some fine walking weather too.

    Hope your internet behaves itself soon.

  13. Thanks for sharing your trip - I love the 2nd pic and the one with such rich greens! Lat week I was for a week without internet, so I know what you're going through...withdrawal symptoms!! just teasing- hope the withdrawal won't be too long!

  14. You were lucky with the weather, when I climbed Mam Tor last year it was a drizzly, misty day and we couldn't see far at all. Now I can see what I missed:)

  15. Hi Rosie!

    I'm finally getting back to my "tours" with you! This was was spectacular... those views! Sure do envy you having such gorgeous places to walk.