Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Journey to Morville - Part Two

I suppose you could say that Bridgnorth is a town of two halves. There is High Town set on top of the sandstone cliffs and Low Town below the cliffs, the whole split by the River Severn. To get from the high town to the low town and vice-versa you can either use this.....

or this.

We parked in the high town as we only had about an hour and set out to have a wander about and see if we could spot the little town house B&B we had stayed in over twenty years ago before we ever dreamed we would move from the East to the West Midlands. We had booked a B&B with the Tourist Information Centre but when we arrived the owner said they had double booked us but had found us a room with a friend up in the high town. When we arrived there it was the most amazing place, really old with oak staircases and steps down into the bedrooms which had iron bedsteads and everywhere was crammed from floor to ceiling with nick- knacks and shop dummies in vintage clothes, hat boxes, fairy lights and flashing tulip lights on the breakfast table - the owner was quite a character. We enjoyed staying there but couldn't spot the place this time around. I expect she is no longer there.

This is the view down to the bridge over the river Severn from the walkway just beyond the Castle Hill Railway, from high town to low town.

Here are some scenes from the High Town.

Waterloo Terrace, I think!

The Shakespeare Inn

The Castle Tea Rooms

High Street and the Town Hall

Northgate and the Northgate Arch, there is a small museum in the rooms above the arch

It was time to move on to find the garden we had come to see, the one I had read about in Katherine Swift's wonderful book 'The Morville Hours' - tantalisingly just 3 miles away - but this wondrous place deserves a post of its own.


  1. It looks an interesting old town, I like the railway from High Town to Low Town, there's something similar in Scarborough from the cliff top to the promenade.

  2. I love this post. It was great to see something so familiar to me through someone else's eyes.Looking forward to the next installment.


  3. Hi Rosie, I enjoyed all your wonderful photos of your delightful journey through this amazing town.
    I look forward to your day at the gardens... ta,ta for now

  4. I didnt know Bridgnorth was so lovely - Ive never really heard of it (except for being in the Bridgnorth stamp club when I was 6!!). Ive put in on my places to visit. We are over that neck of the woods for the young mans driving treat.

  5. My, what a lovely place. So clean and eye catching. I have missed a few of your posts but I looked at them all and you have been very busy. I enjoyed looking at all the pics.

  6. Wow! Thank you for the pleasant tour!

  7. Wow, Rosie.... I thoroughly enjoyed following you around on this jaunt! What a very picturesque town. Love the arch, the narrow streets and the old architecture. Thanks for sharing!