Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Journey to Morville - Part One

Paul is on holiday this week and we've been pottering in the garden quite a bit but on Wednesday we decided to have a day out to visit a garden I'd been wanting to see for ages at Morville in Shropshire - much more of this magical place in a later post. We set out in the morning heading down the A34 towards Eccleshall and taking the Newport road through Woodseaves (I always think of Kester Woodseaves hero of Mary Webb's 'Precious Bane' when we pass through this village which is quite apt as we are heading into Shropshire later) and out towards Albrighton, after the A34 these are mostly peaceful country roads and it is a familiar drive for us because every year we visit the RAF Museum at Cosford. We stopped here first for a coffee and a look around to see what was changed and what was new - I'll let Paul tell you all about it on his blog. After a good walk around we drove back into the village of Albrighton and made our way to our next port of call - David Austin Roses.

There were some gorgeous roses both in the sales area and in the gardens which are free to wander around. The rose below was growing by the entrance - it is called 'Gertrude Jekyll'.

Below are a few more photos taken around the gardens.

Thanks to Paul and his camera for the close ups of the roses.

This fine fellow was certainly making his presence felt - well heard - all around the garden.

I'd never seen blue roses before - they were stunning and called 'Rhapsody in Blue'.

After wandering around to the call of the peacock, the buzzing of the bees and the wonderful scents from the roses it was time to move on. We drove along country lanes through yellowing fields rippling with red poppies towards the town of Bridgnorth. I'll tell you all about this in part two of the journey.


  1. 'Yellowing fields rippling with red poppies'. I like the sound of that very much.

  2. Love love David Austen roses ...

  3. How beautiful. Can't wait for part 2. xx

  4. I can't wait for part two. I know Bridgnorth and the Dower House gardens well. Have you read 'The Morville Hours'? It's a lovely book.

  5. What a delightful trip to see these beautiful gardens.

  6. David Austen Roses looks worth a visit, his Old English roses are lovely. I too noticed lots of beautiful red poppies yesterday on the way up to North Yorkshire. They are one of my favourite wild flowers. Looking forward to reading about the next part of your journey.

  7. That garden is on my places to visit wish list too!

    I have a lovely David Austin rose in flower at the moment, I think it is called "Geoff Hamilton" it has a very delicate shade of pink flowers which are old fashioned in appearance, sort of cabbagy if you know what I mean? It has been very easy to grow and flowers for ages.

    I hope you came back with some treats!

  8. Simone - the fields were stunning unfortunately the roads were so narrow there was no chance of stopping to take a photo - but I don't think any photo could have done it justice.

    sarah lulu - they are gorgeous aren't they?

    diane- coming soon:)

    funkeymonkey - welcome - Yes, I have read the book and that is the reason I wanted to visit the garden:)

    pam, they are lovely gardens:)

    Rowan - the poppies seem early this year but they are spectacular - North Yorkshire - how wonderful:)

    valerie - you must visit the garden soon - it is wonderful:) Know what you mean by cabbagy rose:)

  9. Peacocks and Blue Roses. Amazing.
    I just read an article on Gertrude Jekyll this evening. What a talent she was and such a lovely rose named for her. Most appropriate.

  10. Sigh... what lovely roses and an equally lovely place to visit. Bet those fields of poppies were a beautiful sight too :-)