Monday, April 06, 2009

More of the Monsal Trail

When we walked the first part of the trail we walked, with a few diversions, from the closed tunnel near Miller's Dale Station to the closed tunnel at Litton Mill. This time we walked a section of the trail from Hassop Station to the closed tunnel just beyond Thornbridge Station, again with a few diversions along the way.

We parked in the car park at Hassop Station, built in 1863 to serve the Duke of Devonshire, his family and household from nearby Chatsworth House. It now houses a well known book shop and there is a small cafe there should you need a refresment stop along the way. I never need an excuse for the combination of coffee and books.

We walked along the trail in the warm, spring sunshine meeting just a few fellow walkers along the way. It was still early in the day and I had the feeling that the beautiful weather would bring more people along very soon.

We walked for about two and a half miles to reach the two stations at Thornbridge. One ordinary station and one private one built around 1896 by George Marples,the owner of nearby Thornbridge Hall I assume so he and his family and visitors didn't have to sit in the waiting room with the normal folks.

We diverted onto the bridge to get a better idea of the size of the building and then walked round

to view it from the other side before we continued along the trail to the gates which blocked off a dangerous cutting which led to the closed tunnel.

Passing the footpath down from the trail to the lovely village of Ashford-in-the-Water on the way.

Then it was back along the same route towards Hassop Station. We have two or perhaps three more stretches of the trail to walk, the one up over Monsal Head to Cressbrook and Litton and the stretch from Hassop to Bakewell. I think the latter may be the next one we will walk.

On the way back we stopped to view a wonderful church in a lovely village but I'm saving that visit for another post.


  1. I've walked this section of the trail, it's lovely isn't it? Know the bookshop well, I often call there on my way to or from Bakewell.

  2. Goodness, what a lovely walk! Thanks for sharing!! I needed to see it, especially as we are freezing (!) here today!!

  3. Hi Rosie, This is one of our favorite walks which we do often. The kids call it "the steak pie" walk as we call at the Packhorse pub for steak pie. I absolutely love the Mosal Dale area - its stunning. We do several of the walks around that area. Again its an area thats steeped in industrial history and natural beauty - mixed in with superb pubs and tea rooms - totally winning combination. Thanks for taking me on your walk.

  4. Yes it is lovely, Rowan, and an easy walk too, I'm looking forward to the next bit and the walk from Hassop into Bakewell:)

    pamela and edward - so glad you enjoyed a little sunshine and a cold day:)

    Diane -glad you enjoyed the walk - looks like you are familiar with it - it is a lovely area. The Packhorse Pub sounds good:)

  5. Hi Rosie, what a lovely walk, we were up that way the other week.
    Rosie x

  6. I love England! I really feel I should have been born British. :)

    Your walk looks quite pleasing.

  7. What a delightful walk Rosie. I have longed to visit Chatsworth ever since passing the end of the long drive through the park on my way from friends in Derbyshire ~ one day.

    Marie x

  8. Rosie, Diane and Rowan - I feel a 'bloggers meet' will happen one day:)

    wild rose - you would love Chatsworth - and nearby Haddon Hall - hope you get there one day:)

    money funk - welcome, thanks for visiting glad you enjoyed the walk:)

  9. What a lovely walk, Rosie! And as for the coffee and books... what heavenly combination... I love 'em too!