Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good News

I've had a photograph accepted for a wonderful blog called 'Doorways Around the World' and it will be published on April 20th. As you can imagine I'm really thrilled about having a photograph accepted. I'm not going to put the accepted one here yet - it will spoil the surprise - but here are some of the photographs I took at the same time.

Before Tom was ill we visited Rode Hall near Scholar Green to look at the snowdrops. It was a very cold day and there were loads of people there so it was a bit difficult to take lots of photos.

The picture above is of Rode Hall and the one below the outer shell of a former house on the estate now part of the complex housing the tea rooms and plants sales.

All Saints Church at Scholar Green which is just near Rode Hall was also open and decorated with snowdrops and candlelight - it was so beautiful inside - you will just have to imagine it though as photography wasn't allowed.

p.s. Chloe is out and about today as if nothing had happened - that's cats for you.


  1. Well, I am glad to hear about Chloe! I am not surprised about your photograph! I have been telling you for months that you are very talented!!
    I cannot wait to see it!!

  2. thanks, sissy - I'll do a link from here again when the photo is published.