Wednesday, January 24, 2007

High Peak Trail

It was drizzling slightly when we arrived at the Stone Centre car park and it was very cold. We said goodbye to the warmth of our little car and set off on our walk.

We decided to walk uphill first to Middleton Top, where we stopped for a while at the visitor and cycle hire centre and the old engine house.

Then we walked back down the incline of the old railway and down to the Stone Centre where we had a warming mug of coffee and a Bakewell slice. After a good look around the shop which was full of fossils, minerals and gemstone jewellery we decided to set of further along the walk as far as Black Rock.

As we passed along the edge of Wirksworth, by the Steeple Grange light railway the sun came out and there were some spectacular views of the quarry and Masson Mill in the distance. We decided to walk past Black Rock and discover a little more of the walk before returning to make the climb up.

When we finally got up to the top of Black Rock the views were spectacular and well worth the effort.


  1. Hi Rosie, sorry about the confusion over the photo comment, I must have got you mixed up with somebody else! It is my age! LOL!
    Anyhow, I am here.
    now and will visit again.

    Would you like me to add you to my list of bloggers?

    Just let me know & I will.

  2. that's ok mrsnesbitt, :) It would be great if you would add me to your list - I'll link you here too.

    Many thanks.

  3. Wonderful. I will be back for more at the weekend. Snow in Stoke and none to speak of in Lenton. I am envious. Already, I have been inspired to follow your example and record the walks from my house to local beauty spots and historic sites, but until I have the time to start a blog I will come to you for inspiration. Wonderful!

  4. hi Robert, great to see you here, I really hope that you do set up a blog, that would be wonderful - it is so easy to do, not very time consuming, and very satisfying. More snow is on the way - you may get some this time :) Take care.