Wednesday, March 16, 2005

That time of Day

Tuesday 15th March

Up early today and several jobs done and dusted before 8.30a.m. I must admit I’m a morning person and do like to get going early – I seem to achieve so much more before 1 pm than after it. My most deathly time is between 3 and 5p.m. in the afternoon, I just seem to go into slow motion and my brain wonders so much. It is almost like lost time. I one read somewhere that you are at your lowest ebb at the time of day you were born, I was born at 4p.m. so in my case this appears to be true. Is this just coincidence? I can’t even say that this happens now I’m older because I was like it at school too. That last hour was awful, droning teacher, half asleep students and why was the last lesson of the day always Latin? I remember the headmaster used to take us for Latin and there was always one boy who just couldn’t do it and we would all be kept in until he had answered the question correctly. I always lived in fear of missing the bus home to the small isolated village I lived in. It was almost as if the headmaster knew this as he always waited until the last five minutes of the class to ask this poor boy a question.
I can see the head teacher now, small dark, twitching mustache, always wearing his mortar board and gown, as did all the teachers, until we went comprehensive in my fourth year and gowns and mortar boards were out, jackets and polo sweaters and trendy guitar playing art teachers were in and we dropped Latin and took on Spanish instead.

Today’s highlight – was a letter in the post from a friend who is arranging a surprise lunch for another friend’s birthday. It will be so nice to see them both again even though it will take us 3 hours of travel to get there – just hope the weather is okay.

Today’s gripe – Why do people not fall into single file anymore when passing on a narrow path or pavement? I have lost count of the times recently when I’ve been out walking that I’ve had to stop, stock still and turn sideways because people walking towards me just don’t give way. When I’m out walking with anyone we always drop into single file if people are approaching the other way. Occasionally they will do the same but more often than not they won’t even see you are there let alone that you have been courteous towards them. I just wondered what they expect you to do, levitate over them or throw yourself into the road and go under the passing traffic? Just a minor gripe really, I suppose in the wide scheme of things it doesn’t matter but it just aggravates me, that all.

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