Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Big Foot

I’ve noticed a new phenomenon on our street. All the little girls have big feet. Some of them brown suede; some of them sheepskin coloured and one in particular has pink fluffy ones. Now I’m guessing that these strange objects are the latest fashion and are presumably the cheaper versions of the “Ugg” boots so popular with the trendy types who grace the pages of the glossy gossip magazines. You know, those magazines that decorate the coffee tables in the waiting area at the hairdressers rather than those that decorate the windowsill in the doctor’s surgery waiting room. The ones in the hair salon are always up to date with photos of the latest soap/tv/catwalk star’s love split/ triangle/ weight loss or new baby on the front cover. It’s no use looking at the ones in the surgery as they are at least three years old and as such contain “old news” – so yesterday. (The dentist’s waiting room, on the other hand, has its own magazines, full of close ups of diseased gums and furry tongues and definitely not for the feint hearted). So these copies of Ugg boots, well I wouldn’t spot the real thing if it hit me in the face, especially the pink fluffy ones – well they have only just appeared now the weather is warmer so I’m guessing they are a fashion statement and should not, in any circumstances, be worn in rain, hail, snow or slush or for walking the dog around the local park. Still, for that we have the new trendy wellies spotted in our local garden centre, decorated in spots, stripes or 60s daisy petal flowers, a mere snip at £25. I mean the utilitarian green ones, worn by us un-trendy folk are only £7, I wonder if I could paint red spots on them? Or little chicks for Easter. I can but dream.

Highlight of the day - The Morecambe Tulip is now three*
Gripe of the Day - The top lawn is still sodden and damp, it has been like this all winter, it desperately need a cut but it’s just not possible.

* I will explain this tomorrow

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