Monday, October 08, 2012

Weekend Walking

It was such delightful weather this weekend, around these parts anyway, and we definitely needed both to exercise and to get out into the countryside.  On Saturday afternoon we had a long walk at Consall Country Park.  We made our way through the woods and down to the canal and walked quite a way along the wet and muddy towpath.  I've taken you here in so many posts over the years so I'll just add a couple of photos before moving on to our Sunday walk.

It was a sunny afternoon and there were so many reflections in the canal.  The one above of a steam train from the Churnet Valley Railway on its way to Cheddleton.   The railway runs alongside the canal for quite a way.  Below the canal is reflecting a small cottage near the bridge that has recently been refurbished .  I love the way the arch of the bridge reflects in the water too.

On Sunday we decided to go to Kedleston Hall and walk along the Long Walk around the estate.  I've took you here this time last year in this -  post.   

 We'd just set out on our walk when we spotted something new on the horizon - what could it be?

It looked liked a huge ear trumpet!  We diverted from the walk to cross the field and find out what it was.  We listened and could hear the buzzing of insects.

 The view from the hill was stunning.

Back on the walk we carried on along the path stopping to look at fungi and other signs of autumn along the way.

 We reached the halfway mark and admired the vista of the Hall in the distance.

Up here was another 'trumpet' this time pointing downwards to the ground.  Again we listened but I struggled to hear anything.  I know my hearing isn't as good as it was 'wear and tear' they said when I last had a test!

The sheep were gathered near the gate only half interested in what we were doing.

 The end of the walk takes you along the river bank and there was a third 'trumpet' here, this time aimed at the water.  I didn't take any photos as it was always surrounded by people trying to hear what was happening in the water.  Again some lovely reflections especially of the autumnal trees.

At the end of the walk we found out what the 'trumpets' were.  There were four in all, apparently a smaller one was in a tree somewhere near where I took the above photos.  They are sculptural installations by Studio Weave and the National Trust which are designed to enhance the visitor experience.  Called 'Hear, Here' the art works will amplify the sounds of the surrounding landscape.  You will find more information about themhere

After our walk it was warm enough to sit at the picnic tables to eat our sandwiches, sip our coffee and watch the world go by.


  1. Those trumpets are interesting! Looks like you had great weather - we did down here too. Love the photos with the reflections - especially the one with the bridge and cottage.
    Have a good week.

  2. I love those trumpets, fascinating and reflections in water just can't be beaten! If the weather is a good as they say for tomorrow we are off searching for autumn colours in Sutton Park. x

  3. What lovely photos from your weekend. I have read about the sculptures at Kedleston in several places recently and am hoping to visit again soon.

  4. Lovely walk, but the trumpets are just silly, aren't there better ways for the National Trust to spend their money.

  5. I quite like the look of the trumpets. They are like a magnifying glass for the ear!!! I wonder if visually impaired people find them useful in making the most of their outdoor experiences? They certainly are a talking point among the beautiful surroundings. x

  6. Another glorious weekend and you made the most of it! Well done you!

  7. It looks like it might be a good year for colours.

    I too like the cottage by the bridge, but also the larger bridge on the estate, with the lovely copper coloured trees around it.

    Autumn often seems so fleeting. I'm glad you got a good chance to enjoy it.

  8. It was such a great weekend for getting out wasn't it? I love your photos, you have to capture it, it wont be there for long, the leaves are falling fast here.

  9. Love the photo of the sheep! We live on the North York Moors so often see such cheeky characters! A lovely walk indeed. Dx

  10. I love going on your walks Rosie, you always find such lovely places to visit. The trumpets are quite unique. There's nothing better than wrapping up on a sunny but chilly day and getting out in the country for some fresh air and exercise.
    Patricia x

  11. What a super part of the country you live in.After our weekend at Waterhouses last December we said we must go back(but first I need to get my knee sorted).You go on such lovely walks.
    Can I ask what kind of camera you use.Your photos are always so clear.We need a new camera and any help would be appreciated.

    1. The camera I use most of the time and which I used for these photos is what is known as a 'bridge camera' and is a Fuji Finepix S4000. I've had it nearly a year now and really enjoy using it:)

  12. How very very interesting especially about the trumpets! I loved your photo of the autumn leaves with the reflection in water - gorgeous.

  13. I'm fascinated by those trumpets - it's a really interesting idea. Your pictures are lovely. Jx

  14. Thank you dear Rosie for your comment to my recent post. I compare my feelings to the ebb and flo of the tide also:-)

    I enjoyed my 'virtual' walk with you today and I'm reminded that a brisk walk in the open air is a great tonic for mind and soul.


  15. If you can't hear anything with those ear trumpets!!!!! Thats a lovely walk - I'm seeing Mr Darcy every step of the way. xxxx

  16. bliss. Another day out walk-about with you. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx