Friday, May 04, 2012

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I've been given a 'Sunshine Award' by Suzy over at  Rustic Vintage Country.  I could certainly do with some sunshine at the moment so thank you very much!
To accept the award I have to answer some simple questions about favourite things.  I say simple although it isn't quite so simple to chose just one favourite thing as I like lots of  things in each category so it has been harder than I thought it would be to come to a decision. I'm also a great ditherer when it comes to making up my mind. Anyway, once I have answered the  questions I have to nominate some of my favourite blogs to receive the award. So here goes.....

1.  Favourite Colour?  - has to be blue in (almost) all shades followed by lavenders, purples and mauves.

2.  Favourite Animal?  - cats,  I have to say that as I have one sitting on my knee as I type and she would be offended if I didn't chose them but I love hares and red squirrels too, shh - don't tell her!

3.  Favourite number?  -  8, I've always thought this was my lucky number as it was the number of the first house I lived in from being a newborn until I was 5 and a number that is in all our birthdays and anniversaries and also I have a 'thing' about counting in eights!

4.  Favourite non-alcoholic drink?  - I love pear juice and apple juice but I think I'd have to choose coffee.

5.  Facebook or Twitter?  - I don't Twitter but I am, very reluctantly, as I don't  really like or understand it,  on Facebook just as a means of communication with friends and relatives.

6.  What is your passion? - I've had different passions over the years; it used to be theatre and history therefore Shakespeare. Now I'd include family history  which has been a great passsion for the last 20 or so years and photography which has become a new obsession especially since starting this blog  seven years ago; but the biggest passion all the way through these others would be books and reading.

7.  Giving or Receiving? -   I do love receiving gifts from family and friends as it shows they have gone out of their way to think of me.  Even more I  love giving things, presents or treats out of course, but also things  like a home baked cake, a book, a plant or flowers especially when they aren't expected.

8.  Favourite pattern? -  I've always loved spots and stripes - not together of course!

9.  Favourite Day of the Week?  - Even though I'm retired now and every day is a holiday I still love the buzz of a Saturday although I'm so glad not have have that Monday morning feeling anymore.

10. Favourite Flower? - I have many and find it hard to chose as I love bluebells, tulips and snowdrops in Spring and roses, peonies, lavender and sweetpeas in the summer.  I really can't chose on this one.

I haven't nominated any other blogs as it is so hard to choose from all the ones I love reading so, as I usually do on these occasions, I'll just say if you would like to take the award and answer the questions do so, let me know if you do and I'll come and read what you have chosen as your answers to the questions.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Interesting to read these extra little bits of information about you. I think that most of us are in need of a large dose of sunshine at the moment!

  2. I can see why some subjects were hard to answer. I also love cats - have two who come into my home office and watch me. They keep an eye on me. I hope you get to feeling better.

  3. I love the worth "ditherer" Its made me laugh! I think I could have guessed all those answers correctly! xxx