Saturday, November 12, 2011

A walk around Buxton

When asked where I would like to go today I replied - a nice town with historic buildings, a market, a museum and park with somewhere we can sit and enjoy a coffee in pleasant surroundings - Buxton it was then!

We usually park up near the town hall on The Slopes - I love this row of houses with the bay windows.  I wonder if there are seats in the upper ones?  If I lived in one of those I would spend ages gazing out of the windows watching the happenings in the town.

 From The Slopes there is a lovely view down to The Crescent

and also to the Buxton Baths
There are some lovely shops in the Cavendish arcade within the Baths building.  I did my first bit of Christmas shopping in Atticus Boo.  My second bit of  seasonal shopping was a pudding from Waitrose.  I used to make a Christmas pudding around this time every year but for the last couple of years we've bought a small one just for two.

After a cup of coffee in a pleasant cafe called No 6 The Square, just round the corner from The Crescent and opposite the Opera House,  we set off for the Museum and a wander around the galleries as well as a look at the temporary exhibitions.

 Then we had a walk in the Pavilion Gardens which were looking lovely in the sunlight.

There was a Saturday Bazaar taking place in the Pavilion with lots of wonderful craft work and tasty goodies on sale and  also some interesting art work in the displays in the Tourist Information Centre.

Outside the fire brigade were putting Christmas lights in the trees.

It was time to head towards home but we diverted out towards Wildboarclough instead of going back towards Leek....

.....and down to Rudyard Lake for a cup of tea and piece of cake before heading off through Endon and Stockton Brook towards Stoke and home.

Wasn't it wonderful to see some sun today after such a grey, dull and rainy week?

Edit 13/11/11 - I forgot to mention that I wrote a Remembrance post on my Family History blog this year - link in my sidebar.


  1. Nice day out,I haven't been to Buxton for ages, they often have good things on at the Pavilion. Wildboarclough is a lovely area too, close to where I grew up.

  2. I have not been for ages so thanks for the tour!
    It was lovely to see the blue sky, I fear they will not be around for much longer!

  3. Fabulous day out Rosie. Such a beautiful regal town. Ive never heard of Wildboarclough - It looks truly spectacular. xxx

  4. You do have some lovely days out Rosie. Unfortunately there was no sun or blue sky where I live! x

  5. What a lovely day out. Buxton always seems just a bit too far from us. We have some good places though, like Staunton Harold. I think I might need a trip out today while K's watching the Grand Prix.

  6. Buxton is a lovely place, not been for a while so nice to see the photos.

  7. I went and took a look at your Family History Blog.It was very interesting:) I have two family gen blogs too but the family won't let me make them public...afraid of the skeletons in the closet maybe?...LOL

  8. You just don't see things like that, here!! I find your posts absolutely mesmerizing, your wonderful photos look like something out of a story book from my youth. You truly are across the world from me, I know this is the only way I will ever see this village of Buxton and it's fabulous views!
    Thank you, Rosie!

  9. A few years back, we took our year 3 children to the museum in Buxton and to Poole's Cavern. It is a lovely town (if a little bleak in Winter).

  10. Thank you for the tour Rose, I've never been t o Buxton, and didn't know it had a crescent, hope I get to go there one day.

  11. never been, but I usually say this to you in my comment... so thanks again for another delightful tour, Rosie. Love Helen

  12. Another big bloggy catch up this evening for me! And England looks beautiful even in Autumn through your walks!
    Hope you're well, I'm thinking of starting my Xmas shopping too ;-)
    Michela x

  13. Looks like Buxton is a very nice town - definitely worth visiting next time I'm in these parts. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  14. It all sounds (and looks) good. I don't know Buxton or the surrounding area at all. Must remedy that.

  15. I haven't been to Buxton for years, so thank you for sharing your visit Rosie. It reminds me of Harrogate, where I used to live. It must be the spa town connection, but also the buildings are so similar.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Marie x