Saturday, October 01, 2011


Twenty five degrees centigrade on the car thermometer

Strawberries in the garden

Cats retreating from the heat

Butterflies still fluttering

Flowers still flowering

Welcome October!


  1. Its been a mad year weather wise. Hubby has been topping his tan up today, BBQ lunch, chilling in the summer house. Then the clocks go back in 4 weeks time and in 9 weeks I'll be putting the Christmas decorations up. No wonder the British talk 'weather' all the time.

  2. Yay for October!
    I think we're having 30/32°C today, I'm stuck in bed with open windows :-(

  3. We have had a topsy turvy year haven't we? I love the bright blue skies but I hate the heat!!! x

  4. I really enjoyed the pictures and the cat is just a perfect shot.:)

  5. Today I saw a man dressed in shorts and sunhat looking through the Christmas cards that have just gone on display in Waitrose. Something's not right!

  6. It felt really wrong Christmas shopping today - I actually bought some wrapping paper and tags.
    But I can't believe the weather.

  7. The weather is unbelievable isn't it? I'm loving the early mornings but I confess I shall be happy to have it a bit cooler later in the day.

  8. I have no idea what is going on with the weather. It's like a beautiful hot summers morning here in the south but they say that snow is on the way by the end of the month.
    I went shopping last weekend and bought some Autumn outfits for work and they are still in the wardrobe. Maybe that's why it suddenly went so warm. If I hadn't got anything to wear you can bet it would be much colder.x

  9. Amanda - it is all very bizarre - we got the sun loungers out again on Friday:)

    Michela - poor you hope you soon feel well again:)

    Simone - it's the nightime heat that gets to me - I can't sleep:)

    Lady's Life - welcome and thankyou - the cat is very good at posing for photos:)

    Lol, John - we visited a local garden centre today and walked through Christmas complete with nodding camels in the stable scene, outside they were celebrating harvest festival and people were dressed in summer shorts and t-shirts - amazing!:)

    I nearly bought some cards on holiday - must do it soon although this weather makes you feel as if Christmas is ages away:)

    Rowan - the morning are lovely but I too would like it a bit cooler in the evenings - it somehow seems a bit unatural to be so warm:)

    Lyn - yes it is lovely but I hope we don't pay later with really bad weather like last year:)

    Lol, Rosie - I'm sure you'll be wearing those new outfits soon - I'm dreading having to put shoes or boots on again after so long in sandals:)

  10. I can't make my mind up if this is a good or bad thing. I truly love the heat, and it has made me wish that I lived in a hot country. We have sat in the dark garden with candles every night enjoying the owls, and other creatures (even a fox!!) It makes me less enthusiastic for nights in with the heating on! xxxx