Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - June 2011

Here are my photos for the June Scavenger Hunt.   Thanks as always to Kathy at Postcards from the PP for hosting the Scavenger Hunt and keeping us on our toes with her wonderful choice of topics.  Here is, I hope,  a -link- to other participating blogs.

A Childhood Memory
Buying a bucket, spade and fishing net when we got to the seaside and carrying them down to the beach where sand castles would be built with the bucket and spade and rock pools dipped with the net. 

A Farm Animal
One of the Highland Cattle at Wimpole Estate Home Farm, Cambridgeshire

A wheel trim
On a Bristol Fighter at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

An Elephant
Carved wooden elephant in a shop window
Architectural Detail
Chimneys on the Precentor's House across the green from Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire

from the cheese counter in the Red Lion Quarter, Spalding, Lincolnshire

On a table display in the Wedgwood Factory shop, Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent

On the outside looking in!

Something beginning with Z
Zinfandel wine - goes well with the cheese!

The view right outside your door
Back door that is - outside my front door which is actually on the side of the house is next door's brick wall which doesn't make for a very interesting photograph.

Something with your town's name on it

Of the six towns that make up the city of Stoke-on-Trent, Longton is the closest to where we live.  This is the sign for the Longton Interchange (bus station) near the Tesco, Argos and Next stores.  Behind you can see the railway station where trains run between Derby and Crewe stopping at all stations in Stoke along the way and behind the station an old, derelict pottery factory with its bottle oven and chimney.

Tree Branches


  1. I love your photos for June. The childhood memories one is great for us all and buckets and spades on a beach sounds lovely. I like the photo of the Bristol Fighter too.
    Roll on July.
    Anne xx

  2. Great job! I tried a shot of the outside looking in but it didn't come out so well as yours so it didn't make it as one of my 12!

  3. Good thinking for night and something beginning with Z! I'm just about to go and take my final photo, which is the Z one!

    You have lots of great photos again, I love the colourful seaside one and the highland cattle!

  4. What a great selection! Yours arefrom so many different places this month - mine seem to be mostly at home.

  5. Great photos. I love the intricate detail on the chimney pots

  6. Hello!!! I LOVE your blog name! Sounds like something I'd choose! (No wonder I like it!) Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment on my photos! I've just had a "stroll" through your photos and I enjoyed every minute of it! Z=Zinfandel...well, of COURSE it does! It's my personal fav! And I like the architectural detail image...and LOVE that big old bull! Also love the view out your back door...agreed...better than a brick wall! LOL Loving this Scavenger Hunt and the fact that we can all connect! x&o, Annette

  7. Great photos ... love the buckets and spades, and the wine beginning with 'z' is inspired. I drove to Chester Zoo for mine. Crazy!!!
    I think you're the only other person who remembers the Alice in Wonderland figures at Happy Valley in Llandudno ... my husband just looks at me blankly when I talk about them. I remember being really scared of the Duchess!

  8. Loely pix! Good to see you back again.
    Margaret P

  9. Nice to see you back Rosie. The cutlery has been buffed to perfection! x

  10. Once again - great photos. And how dedicated are you to have to drink all that wine in the name of blogging! xxxx

  11. Just checking in case you had replied and you have given me some tips for our couple of hours in Shrewsbury. Thank you so much we are so looking forward to the lovely long journey, Alan especially is because he can see the sights instead of the road ahead. I drive but he always does on long journeys so it will be great for him. I have written down your tips and put them in my bag. Thank you again Catherine

  12. Rosie, do you have to take them that day, or are these photos you have? Either way, I love the view outside your door! Glad to see you back!

  13. I've been through that station (quite a few times, though not lately).

    I love the buckets and spades and the architectural detail. One makes me feel holiday, the other is just so attractive!

    I'm afraid Scavenger Hunt didn't even get off the ground for me this month. Life has been significantly more hectic than normal!

  14. Great set of photos - like you I have happy memories of buying a bucket and spade and some little paper flags for sandcastles when I was little.

  15. Hello Rosie

    What an interesting blog.
    I look forward to following you.


  16. Some very familiar names in here - Ely isn't so far from Norwich! It looks like a great place to get a few shots. The shot from the outside in is great too,
    Looking forward to the July list!

  17. The chimneys photo is my favourite, with all of the sculptural details.

  18. Great photos, I love the childhood memory.

  19. I love photos of buckets and spades, they just make me happy to look at them!
    Pass the wine, it looks delish!
    Lisa x

  20. Lets here it for Longton! I still get it mixed up with Longport, but then again I have only lived here for 35 years! I still can't drive with any degree of confidence around our five towns.

  21. Love your photos - great ideas.

  22. Love these!
    The trees remind me of my own back garden!

  23. Hope they are preserving a few of those bottle ovens, they were such a distinctive sight

  24. Beautiful pics - I too have very happy memories of the buckets . spades and flags for sandcastles.

  25. Great photos, and your idea for z was brilliant.


  26. lovely set of photos....buckets and spade and sand in you butties!