Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springtime Days

Haven't the last few days been incredibly wonderful?  We've spent so much time in the garden over the last couple of days trying to get jobs done I feel quite exhausted and ache quite a bit too!  Yesterday afternoon I gave the lawns their first cut of the season whilst Paul re-felted the shed roof.  They were both quite noisy jobs but I can tell you the sound the frogs were making in the pond was much louder.  Our next door neighbour took a break from mowing her lawn and popped through the gap in the hedge to have a peep because she could hear the frogs from their conservatory!!  You may remember my post of  14th March  well it seems as if 'H' from Little Sealed Packages is having the same problem according to her-  post - today the culprits in her case are crows not magpies but they have the same devastating effect.

Since last autumn we've been creating a gravel and slab path from the patio round to the pond and up towards the shed.  Yesterday we needed more gravel and weed control fabric so we set off towards a little nursery in Ireland's Cross where we have found some very reasonably priced pea gravel of which we can managed eight bags at a time in the back of the car.   As the nursery is near the village of Woore we decided to travel to the other side of the village first and have a walk around the gardens at Bridgemere Garden World. 

There was so much cheering spring colour in the gardens.

These gardens are lovely and free to walk around.

There is lots of work going on at Bridgemere within the garden centre and also the retail units. There is already a Hobbycraft, a Cotton Traders and an Edinburgh Woollen Mill but we noticed that there is going to be a Lakeland outlet soon, too.  Now that will be useful as we usually have to travel to Derby, Wilmslow or Shrewsbury to find a Lakeland shop.

As well as the  gravel we also bought a new Rosemary plant to replace the one we lost in the bad weather.  Next replacement purchase will be a bay as our bay tree is also a casualty of the bad weather.  Then we will replace the lavender plants we lost too.  It has been such a bad winter for losing plants we have had for years and years.  It has been hard to say goodbye to some of our old friends.

Meanwhile pondside the story of  the cycle of life goes on!


  1. A lovely springtime post Rosie. I still haven't done anything in the garden or sown any seeds yet! Hopefully I will get cracking on this afternoon. I bet your garden is looking lovely. I need to buy some more herbs for the garden too but think I may grow them in pots so that I can transfer to the greenhouse in the winter. Have a lovely day! x

  2. Oh my gosh, so must be about a month ahead of us. I have crocuses blooming and big fat buds on things but last night we got a covering of snow!!!!! My sister just called singing Christmas carols!!!! My mum always said " think of all that lovely nitrogen for the lawn!!! Every thing will turn green now". Well, it won't last and it is pretty!!! Have a happy day!!

  3. We sat out till late last night - I don't think Ive ever known it this warm in March! Oh dear - Lakeland! very tempting shop!!! Next to hobbycraft too - I would be in heaven! Your garden is looking very tidy. No frogs yet in my "binlid" pond. xxx

  4. oh, hasn't it been wonderful this week! I haven't see the forecast but if it is to continue I want to be home again this weekend and I don't think I can afford so much petrol!!

    Still no signs of life in our pond, I think it needs some attention.

    I drive past a sign for Bridgmere Garden World every week on my way to Dave's and I always tell myself we should go for a nosey, but we haven't been yet! It's very handy to have a lakeland coming to the area!

  5. Hi Rosie!
    I'm slowly getting back into using the computer (I have to limit my time) and it's SO NICE to visit you and read what's going in your corner of the world! Loved reading about your spring gardening. What kind of shop is Lakeland?


  6. I did my first cut of the lawn last Saturday and did some tidying up in the border, then ached all over on Sunday and Monday.

    Have also managed to get around to sowing some tomato seeds.

    Love that the weather has changed and gone all Spring like.

  7. Sounds like you are enjoying your garden in shape:) Have happy workdays there.

  8. Lovely pics. Bridgmere sounds good! You've got plenty of frogs and frogspawn! We've got a tiny pond and I've just noticed frogspawn yesterday. Have a good weekend! Abby x

  9. Thanks for the link :)

    I have lost a few plants too; noticably, my hugh pampas grass, which is looking very brown and sorry for itself. I have cut it right back, but can't see any hope of regeneration.

  10. It has been a real tonic hasn't it? the sunshine does wonders.

    The last couple of times we were at Bridgemere we thought it had gone a little down market but maybe things are improving again. It used to be spectacular.

    Your garden is a picture!

  11. I'd love to hear some frogs!

  12. Rosie, I also lost a lovely Rosemary that I'd had for years - I was really upset - but it was a complete gonner'.

    Talking of crows, we have a colony nesting near to us and boy, do they make a racket!

    I've managed to sow some tomatoes and sweet rocket - well its a start ...:-)

    Have a great weekend.


  13. The major casualties in my garden have been the thrift plants, I'd imagine they just became waterlogged. We have had a lot of rain! Unfortunately, we have the magpies back nesting again this year. I wish our neighbour would have her big conifer tree taken down? I hope to get some incentive later to do some seed sowing. I am way behind, as usual! x

  14. I'm using weed fabric to stop my weeds now that spring has begun. I like your pics.