Friday, August 31, 2007

Two for One

Earlier this year I picked up a small brochure about local gardens. Inside there were several vouchers offering two entries for the price of one on several of the featured gardens, so, because we are watching the pennies at present and because I can't resist a decent 'bogof' we decided to take advantage of their very kind offer.

Last week we visited one of our favourite gardens at Wollerton Old Hall and I took this picture of the apple tree at the entrance. As well as their lovely 'garden rooms' they had trees full of apples, damsons, cherries and mullberries.

This week, for my birthday we visited Weston Park. I'd always wanted to visit and I wasn't disappointed. We spent about four hours wandering around and had lunch and afternoon tea there as a special treat. The photo above shows one of the wonderful hydrangea plants in the garden. It was very quiet with just a few visitors around first thing, there were marquees around and large lorries clearing aways loads of chairs. Maybe they were still clearing away the remains of the 'V' festival or it could have been the bank holiday weekend's offering of 'Noddy on Tour' - I'll let you decide.

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  1. I think I'll go for Noddy on Tour ;)