Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rain Drenched Peonies

I just thought you would like to see this photo. I went out yesterday into the damp, misty and rain filled garden and found them. I always forget how beautiful they are and what memories they evoke. I see the peonies and am instantly transported back to my childhood and I'm playing on our front lawn with my friends. We have mother's clothes horse covered with a blanket and it is our tent. We have a small mat and some cushions inside and our dolls lined up against the inside wall. We are playing 'house'. Outside in the late spring sunshine the grass is a rich green, the heavily laden lilac tree casts its heady scent over our playground and in the bed near the front window of the house are the blowsy, deep rich ruby-red peonies.


  1. Rosie those are lovely...
    Have put some more pics of Southwold, as went again today, and took a pic of Walberswick for you!!!!

  2. alifan, thanks so much - I've been to have a look - hope you had a lovely day. I'd just love to be on that beach - ready for a holiday I think:)