Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh, what a laugh

On Friday we went to the New Vic theatre to see the Northern Broadsides production of 'The Man with Two Gaffers' and as you know from previous posts, I love Northern Broadsides, so I have been keenly anticipating this performance and I wasn't disappointed. As usual the exuberance and sheer versatility of the actors was second to none. Every character was a gem, especially Roy North as the vicar and of course actor/director Mr Rutter himself whose reaction to the breaking of his trifle bowl after sticking his finger in the gooey mess was absolutely priceless. I left the theatre with a happy heart and aching sides from laughing so much.

On Monday we popped over to the retail park at Trentham Gardens where all is tastefully lit for Christmas including a German Christmas Market and piped festive music competing with the sounds of Germany from the purpose built bierkeller - on the way home we saw the first house decorated for Christmas. Now this is all very well, I love Christmas but not on the 13th November - could it all start on 1st December please? This early start ensures that by the time Christmas actually does arrive - it's lost it's magic and that is a real shame.


  1. I'm with you, Rosie! I don't want to speed right past Thanksgiving. I don't want to rush into Christmas. I like the Advent season, church on Wednesdays and the Advent Calendar!

  2. It is such a lovely time of year - as you say such a shame to rush through it instead of stopping to enjoy it.

  3. J & I went to Trentham, last week - see what you mean - lights not so bad, infact, quite pretty but the piped carols a bit much this early.