Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weird Creatures

Well, we've had some weird and wonderful creatures knocking at the door this evening. Wizards, witches, ghosts, fairies and a couple of skeletons - one with a hatchet in his head. All carrying little bags or buckets in which to collect their treats. Eager little faces - some painted with black noses or large whiskers - beaming under the street lights, waiting to see what they would receive.

I decided this year not to give sweets so I got a couple of punnets of baby clementines from the supermarket, thinking that their colour was rather festive. They seemed to be acceptable, especially to the parents hovering anxiously a few yards down the drive.

My next job is to go and find the cats and coax them out of their hiding places now all the knocking on the front door has ceased and things, well apart from the odd firework hissing and banging in the backgound, are back to normal.


  1. You are lucky to get so many trick or treaters, Rosie! We got 3!

  2. The little ones are lovely and so excited - I'm always glad when they have adults with them though -I'm nervous of the older ones on their own. Sorry you didn't get so many this year, sissy :)